Chester Advantage H80 (P)

Purchased for the sale top at the 2014 Chester and Quamby Plains sale, Chester Advantage H80 (P) is a sire that combines length and thickness with a natural sire’s outlook.  Already a trait leader for 600-day weight and SS, he is a bull with tremendous all-round EBVs and indexes. Advantage has a solid pedigree with NZ influence from the great Koanui herd. He is breeding stylish progeny with softness and his daughters are consistent, attractive females. A son, Yavenvale Leader L043 is Lot 1 in our 2017 sale and is a good example of what Advantage can deliver. 

Elite 4110 G45 (P)

Elite 4110 G45 (P) is a real performance sire that is an incredibly consistent breeder. He delivers cattle with tremendous carcase quality ranking in the top 1% of the breed for EMA and top 5% for IMF and grainfed index. G45 is a real all-rounder having been used successfully on heifers but still maintaining a 600-day weight in the top 5% of the breed. His sire, Ardo Hustler 4110 is another widely used NZ sire with tremendous EBVs that has done a great job in the Elite herd.  The sons of G45 show muscle, doing ability and soundness. 

Whim Park General G037 (P)

Whim Park General G037 (P) was purchased for the top price of $28,000 (poll section) of the 2013 Wodonga National Show and Sale. An exceptionally sound homozygous polled bull, General is the dominant sire of our 2017 sale team with 12 robust sons. General breeds easy doing cattle, moderate in frame and daughters with nice udders. Lot 47, Yavenvale Logo L291 is his best son to date, a young bull with real quality, muscle and softness.

Valma Odyssey (P)

Valma Odyssey (P) made the second top price of $22,000 at the 2010 Dubbo National. We secured a large semen share and his first eight sons sold at Yavenvale in 2013 were very popular averaging $7000. Odyssey has one of the most impressive strike rates of any sire we have used, consistently delivering amazing growth and outstanding EBVs while his daughters are really functional females. There are four impressive full brothers for sale in 2017, all ET calves from Yavenvale Treasure D403. We retained semen in a son, Yavenvale Houdini H438 who has sired outstanding prospect Yavenvale Lightning L190, Lot 3 in 2017. Odyssey is a trait leader for GL, all growth traits, milk & SS.