Yavenvale Guru G031 (P) 

Yavenvale Guru G031 (P) topped our sale in 2013 selling for $26,000 to TRT Pastoral. Our best son of Valma Merchant, Guru has been widely used in the stud industry and in both the HAL Black Baldy project and as a Progeny Test sire, further increasing the accuracy of his EBVs. Guru has had sons sell to $10,000 here but his daughters will probably give us the greatest value – easy doing, thick, moderate females with good udders and milking ability. A versatile bull, Guru has been used on both heifers and cows and is a trait leader for EMA.

YPine Hill Crossfire C558 (P)

Pine Hill Crossfire C558 (P) was first inspected by Yavenvale as a yearling joining sire at Pine Hill. We followed his progress and bought him for the top price of $20,000 at their dispersal in 2010. Crossfire was our specialist heifer bull and is a trait leader for low birth weight. His progeny are extremely quiet and show the softness his Breedplan figures would suggest. The four high indexing sons catalogued in 2017 will be his last offered. They are ideal for joining to commercial heifers. Crossfire is a trait leader for milk and his daughters are excellent mothers with beautiful udders and feet. 

Grassmere Spark 555 (P)

We have used a number of bulls with NZ bloodlines and Grassmere Spark 555 (P) has been one of the most successful so far. Spark’s main value lies in his exceptional carcase data with a solid EMA figure and as a trait leader for IMF on Breedplan. There are two handy sons catalogued in 2017 while another son, Yavenvale Hot Spark H491 (P) has been retained as a stud sire. The Spark daughters are really attractive females with excellent phenotype.

Mawarra Jumbo (P)

We purchased Mawarra Jumbo (P) privately for $10,000 in 2012 and he has bred cattle with great eye appeal. A bull with tremendous length and attractive skin and hair type, Jumbo’s daughters also show great promise with outlook and style. Importantly Jumbo is a multi-trait performer and is a trait leader for SS. Jumbo’s sire Yambro Conrad B88 is a widely-used bull and also the sire of Russlynn Flare who we purchased for $30,000. We used a son of Jumbo, Yavenvale Joker J084 (P) to continue the influence of this genetic line.